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Join other WONDERFUL SUPER souls yearning for a life change, longing to free their LOve, know their Joy, express their GI-NORMOUS crEative & CraZy sides to the fullest and experience all that life can offer. Stop Anxiety NOW so you can follow your dreams.

Learn how to

  • Build resilience & end anxiety and depression - it can be done.
  • Experience more love and freedom in your relationships.
  • Follow your dreams, your passion, your loves.
  • Turn upsets into growth and longings into reality.

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Two words is not sufficient to describe what you do... every encounter I have had with you has changed my life... one cup of coffee with you and my fear of driving dissolved. A few years later a cup of tea with you and I quit smoking and followed a dream I thought was no longer possible. Its like its not even what you say, but your gentle/ powerful energy alone that makes one aware of the possibilities and the limitations we put on ourselves." - Bev Ditsie, Director of Ditsie Media"   Bev D

Hallo Beautiful SOUL, I'm Mama Kalavati aka Jo Ntsebeza (Hazelhurst)

I'm honoured you're here, connecting with me. I would love to work with you during your many life change experiences. 

I'm on a mission to inspire a spirit of love, one that won't give up on what matters most. I've come from the darkest of spaces to create a pretty awesome life that I share with my super sexy husband.

I think I'm pretty blessed to live the life I do and I can't wait to show you how to take a fresh start in your life. Because the world deserves your gifts. You deserve to follow your dreams. Any life change can be rewarding if you know how not resist it.

    I'm a life change and relationship coach, a team facilitator, a poet, a writer, a blogger, a wannabe singer, a yogi, a vegan advocate, wife and friend.

    I LOVE what I do. I love watching the people I work with unfold. I love the unfolding I experience within me. I assist creative, wild women and men like you, to do the inside work so you can experience the outside shifts.

    This is me below playing at being a karateka...

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leboMashileJo has taught me that my life is a creative process that I direct from within. Jo herself is on the path to living her highest self.  To learn from her is to learn from someone who courageously engages her own inner terrain.

I am constantly inspired by Jo's skill, compassion, integrity, honesty and passion for helping people change their lives.  

Lebo MashileAward winning poet, entrepreneur, actress, television presenter.  http://lebomashile.tumblr.com/biography


Mama Kalavati's Life Change & Relationship Coaching Philosophy

The difficult places in your life and your relationships - at home and in the workplace - ultimately are a doorway to your growth. IF that's what you want? The solutions to our problems lie not in trying to fix the outside but rather paying attention to what is unresolved inside us.

    I had an abusive relationship once and I found a way out. That relationship was with myself. - Byron Katie

        Falling is a natural part of the human existence. It hurts when we scrape a knee. But suffering, that comes from our resistance to the falls - the desire to escape all discomfort.

        There is no place like your relationships with people, your body, or your achievements - to discover the depths of what is calling you for attention so that you may blossom towards your soul's deepest yearning.

        It is beyond our human imaginations to comprehend the magnificence of this endless possibility. Your relationship coach or life coach helps you to see beyond what you can currently see.

        As a life change and relationship coach, as a writer, as a wife, a friend, a daughter and the many hats I wear, I've often seen my flaws as my shame. I've come to see my own humanity as a blessing. I may think 'I'm stuck, that the situation I'm in is irreversible, impossible and forever. Yet, I've discovered that anything we give energy, love and dedication to with our utmost sincerity, with patience and enough time will shift with out doubt.

        As a life change and relationship coach, I've worked with countless people, who are struggling, in pain and frustrated so they can experience life in all its infinite beauty.


Anything is possible if you give it energy and time.

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, anger and intense emotions
  • Clarity, vision, purpose
  • Feelings of gratitude, calm, love and joy
  • Learn tools to use in any difficult situation or relationship
  • You'll get active, start meditation and relaxation
  • Have more fun
  • Experience mental and emotional freedom
  • Experience fulfilling relationships
  • Reduce conflict and tension
  • Feel loved, connected and alive
  • End procrastination
  • Cultivate resilience
  • A sounding board
  • Reduce jealousy, insecurity and fears
  • Let go of control
  • Bring the 'love' back into your life
  • Better communicating and listening skills
  • Learn how to give feedback and make requests
  • Learn how to build a team of excellence



"If you want a normal coach, there are a dime a dozen. But if you want someone who will push you, challenge you and shift you side ways, Jo is the coach for you.

Talk about getting more than you bargained for. In the time Jo worked with Raizcorp, she completely revolutionized the business. The relationships she built and the impact she had were beyond words. 


Most of those in Raizcorp who were coached by Jo have discovered parts of themselves that they never knew or wanted to know.

Jo has an incredible way of making a person shift toward personal enlightenment and fulfillment with integrity and compassion."

Allon Raiz , 2008 Top 300 Global Leader, CEO, Raizcorp Business Prosperator (Pty)Ltd

"During my first 28-Day Bootcamp I lost 4kg, reduced my panic attacks down to nearly nothing, and felt stronger in my ability to cope with life. My second bootcamp took my weightloss to 7.5kg and by the third I'd lost 11 and to this day 6 months later I haven't put it back on. I loved working outdoors and the community support. - Tumi Moleko, Johannesburg

"Before I worked with Jo, I felt highly stressed and I wasn't spending enough time with my family. Since the FreshStart program, my confidence has increased, I feel more relaxed and I have been able to create fun time with my wife and children. We go camping and we enjoy our life more. Doing the program with my wife has increased our ability to communicate with each other." - Sean  "I did the FreshStart program with my husband and business partner. I feel stronger, less afraid, and more confidant in our relationship. My outlook is now positive and I feel confidant about our future. I have a clearer vision and I am ready for the opportunities that have started to open up." - Nikki
 - Sean & Nikki McMahon - Owners, Electric Pencil Design 

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You deserve to thrive. If you can conceive it, it can become. So much love in building that place of happiness inside you.


Mama Kalavati

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