Life Change & Relationship Coach

A life change and relationship coach is a guide to assist you to do the inside work so you can experience the outside shifts.

The difficult places in your life and your relationships - at home and in the workplace - ultimately are a doorway to your growth. IF that's what you want? The solutions to our problems lie not in trying to fix the outside but rather paying attention to what is unresolved inside us.

    I had an abusive relationship once and I found a way out. That relationship was with myself. - Byron Katie

Falling is a natural part of the human existence. It hurts when we scrape a knee. But suffering, that comes from our resistance to the falls - the desire to escape all discomfort.

There is no place like your relationships with people, your body, or your achievements - to discover the depths of what is calling you for attention so that you may blossom towards your soul's deepest yearning.

It is beyond our human imaginations to comprehend the magnificence of this endless possibility. Your relationship coach or life coach helps you to see beyond what you can currently see.

    "One human life is deeper than the ocean. Strange fishes and sea-monsters and mighty plants live in the rock-bed of our spirits. The whole of human history is an undiscovered continent deep in our souls. There are dolphins, plants that dream, magic birds inside us. The sky is inside us. The earth is in us.” ― Ben Okri, The Famished Road

As a life change and relationship coach, as a writer, as a wife, a friend, a daughter and the many hats I wear, I've often seen my flaws as my shame. I've come to see my own humanity as a blessing. I may think 'I'm stuck, that the situation I'm in is irreversible, impossible and forever. Yet, I've discovered that anything we give energy, love and dedication to with our utmost sincerity, with patience and enough time will shift with out doubt.

As a life and relationship coach, I've worked with countless people, who are struggling, in pain and frustrated so they can experience life in all its infinite beauty.

If you're like me, you may find that the lack of consistency trips you up, pain from traumas want to stay wrapped around you like a moth to a flame and your tolerance to stress is at ground zero - leaving you with a never-ending feeling of failure.


It's only when we measure what we perceive as failures in the path we've taken, decide how long it should take to learn something, or how many times its okay to fall. Who determines success? Who can know how much each person has grown? The comparison of ourselves to another or to someone's view on what life, growth and healing should is the ultimate route to pain.

It's never too late. You're never too hurt.

Go via the website to book a 20-minute online chat with your Life Change & Relationship Coach Jo.


  • Reduces stress, anxiety, anger and intense emotions
  • Clarity, vision, purpose
  • Feelings of gratitude, calm, love and joy
  • Learn tools to use in any difficult situation or relationship
  • You'll get active, start meditation and relaxation
  • Have more fun
  • Experience mental and emotional freedom
  • Experience fulfilling relationships
  • Reduce conflict and tension
  • Feel loved, connected and alive
  • End procrastination
  • Cultivate resilience
  • A sounding board
  • Reduce jealousy, insecurity and fears
  • Let go of control
  • Bring the 'love' back into your life
  • Better communicating and listening skills
  • Learn how to give feedback and make requests
  • Learn how to build a team of excellence

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What some of my clients have to say:

Go via the website to book a 20-minute online chat with your Life Change & Relationship Coach Jo.

"If you want a normal coach, there are a dime a dozen. But if you want someone who will push you, challenge you and shift you side ways, Jo is the coach for you. Talk about getting more than you bargained for. In the time Jo worked with Raizcorp, she completely revolutionized the business. The relationships she built and the impact she had were beyond words. Most of those in Raizcorp who were coached by Jo have discovered parts of themselves that they never knew or wanted to know. Jo has an incredible way of making a person shift toward personal enlightenment and fulfillment with integrity and compassion." - Allon Raiz , 2008 Top 300 Global Leader, CEO, Raizcorp Business Prosperator (Pty)Ltd

'Jo has taught me that my life is a creative process that I direct from within. Jo herself is on the path to living her highest self. To learn from her is to learn from someone who courageously engages her own inner terrain. I am constantly inspired by Jo's skill, compassion, integrity, honesty and passion for helping people change their lives.' - Lebo Mashile, Award winning poet, entrepreneur, actress, television presenter.

"Two words is not sufficient to describe what you do... every encounter I have had with you has changed my life... one cup of coffee with you and my fear of driving dissolved. A few years later a cup of tea with you and I quit smoking and followed a dream i thought was no longer possible. Its like its not even what you say, but your gentle/powerful energy alone that makes one aware of the possibilities and the limitations we put on ourselves." - Bev Ditsie

"When I started with my relationship coach three months ago, I was quite sure that it would end in divorce within a year. Since then, I have learned to communicate better with my husband, which has eased the tension and reduced the confusion which we both experienced, enormously. We have been able to talk openly and rationally for the first time in years. When we do conflict now, I find I am so much better equipped to deal with the situation in a way that leads to a positive resolution with greater ease" - Branwen, Operational Manager, Raizcorp Business Incubator (Pty) Ltd

"Jo's ability to discharge our emotions and destructive thoughts has assisted us to unlock our positive energy to move forward in our business." - Karin Igesund CEO Women's Business World

"Jo's deep insight into human behavior has made it possible for me to make significant strides in the establishment of and living out my life plan.” - Aasifah Omar, self employed.

Satisfied clients include companies Unilever, Department of Housing, Transnet, Shared Services, Sceptre Holdings, HDI Youth Marketing, KVN Attorneys and celebrities such as Lebo Mashile and Tumisho Masha.

'Jo is tough...but in a safe way. The Kalavati team building helped us to stand up to our own BS'. Now we all move through things so much more quickly. She challenged the entire team to think about why we were at Glam Slam and how we were doing what needed to be done, including us as executives. The team is now cohesive, willing to go the extra mile and dedicated. Confidence and courage has increased and we bring the right people on board. - Laurel Pretorius, Creative Director, Glam Slam(Pty)Ltd, Reinforcement Marketing Events Company

'When I started the relationship coaching three months ago, I was quite sure that it would end in divorce within a year. Since then, I have learned to communicate better with my husband, which has eased the tension and reduced the confusion which we both experienced, enormously. We have been able to talk openly and rationally for the first time in years. When we do conflict now, I find I am so much better equipped to deal with the situation in a way that leads to a positive resolution with greater ease’ - Branwen, Operational Manager, Raizcorp Business Incubator (Pty) Ltd

"During my first 28-Day Bootcamp I lost 4kg, reduced my panic attacks down to nearly nothing, and felt stronger in my ability to cope with life. My second bootcamp took my weightloss to 7.5kg and by the third I'd lost 11 and to this day 6 months later I haven't put it back on. I loved working outdoors and the community support. -Tumi Moleko, Johannesburg

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