Definition of Team Building!

The Kalavati definition of team building refers to any groups or sub-groups:

  • Family,
  • Clubs,
  • Groups,
  • Work teams,
  • Organizations,
  • Communities

Traditional definitions of team building!

'The term 'team building' can refer generally to the selection and motivation of teams or, more specifically, to group self-assessment in the theory and practice of organizational development.'

'When a team in an organizational development context embarks upon a process of self-assessment in order to gauge its own effectiveness and thereby improve performance, it can be argued that it is engaging in team building, although this may be considered a narrow definition.'

Sourced from Definition of Team Building- Wikipedia

Business Definition for: Team Building

'The selection and grouping of a mix of people and the development of skills required within the group to achieve agreed objectives.'

'Team is a group of individuals with complementary skills who work together for accomplishing common goals. Working in teams helps build synergy between its members and, as a result, the work, at hand, gets efficiently done.'

Definition - Dictionary

Kalavati's Definition

Kalavati Definition of team building

The integration of purpose, performance and relationship in a team to accomplish goals, so that, the genius of each individual emerges and is used for the higher advancement of everyone.

Team building can be summed up three African words - 'Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu.'

'I am because you are, and you are because we are.'

Team building takes a person to a people.

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Kalavati, using this definition, has created it's own six-fold approach to team building programs.

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