Facilitator Approach to Teaching

    The facilitator approach to teaching will make your classroom fun, highly participative and richly rewarding.

    Teachers around the world, tend to use the lecture or presentation style to teach. Yet, research shows, over and over again, that when listeners use reading and learning as a method to integrate new information or skill, the retention rate is as low as 5%.

    Experiential or action learning methods, increase the retention rate 80-95%. (Blair Singer, Sales and Leadership Seminar)

    Wouldn't that be exciting?

    With the added bonus that students will not only love your classes, but their results will be comparable to high performers around the world.

    If your students show a poor performance, it starts with you. And only YOU have the power to change it.

    Also use 'small group facilitation presentation' methods.

    Facilitator Teaching Style

    Characteristics required for the facilitator approach:

    • Ability to ask questions,
    • Reflect, and get clarity,
    • Patience and perseverance,
    • Creativity and the ability to think laterally,
    • Give up the need to control,
    • Allow chaos without loss of power,
    • The ability to instill discipline without demanding,
    • The ability to connect and build trust,
    • Be open and honest,
    • Have empathy and compassion and,
    • Above all, believe in each student.

    • Students will reflect you as a teacher. And if you are willing to change, you will find teaching so fulfilling.

      I know this because I have worked with all ages from various backgrounds. I also spent time teaching in a juvenile prison, with some of the hardest kids you can imagine.

      And this approach to teaching has never failed me or my students.

      If you have questions, write to me. If you need ideas, write to me. Overtime, I will bring you everything you need to know. But in the mean time, write to me.

      Structured Facilitation Methods and Theories

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